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Just four months shy of completing a year-long commitment to address food insecurity and supporting local businesses scourged by the pandemic, the Miami Dolphins franchise and its foundation surpassed a $1 million dollar goal for its food relief program.  Read more

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After four years of the previous administration’s efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President Joe Biden has moved swiftly to r… Read more

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Last week, we learned that a lawsuit was filed against eight members of the Miami-Dade Police Department for interfering with free speech and … Read more

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After a year of unfamiliar restrictions and guidelines, pandemic fatigue is affecting how some Americans protect their health. However, experts warn that diligence is still extremely important… Read more



Stephanie Jeanbaptiste’s lifelong dream was to start a business out of a desire to help her husband,  Guyvens Geffrard – a former head chef at The Palms in Miami Beach – reach his full culinary potential. It led to the opening of the House of Flavor Restaurant four years ago with her busines… Read more

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