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Trump’s run for president was in part triggered by his enmity for Obama, his desire to one-up him, and he has performed his presidency as a singularly focused attempt at Obama erasure, dismantling what he can of what Obama built and undoing policies Obama instituted. Read more

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The provision of food to meet the needs of Miami-Dade County’s community throughout the COVID-19 crisis has called for ongoing distribution and innovative partnerships. At the helm has been Farm Share, Inc. and on Thursday, May 21, the non-profit organization joined forces with Congresswoman… Read more

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After most of the United States has been under stay-at-home orders for the past several weeks, the governors of some key states have signaled their intention to begin reopening businesses in the coming days. Read more


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(BPT) - As temperatures rise, so do crimes of opportunity. Keeping our family safe is something that every one of us innately does. We teach our kids about “stranger danger” and we teach our teens about staying a safe distance away from the car in front of them. Yes, keeping our family membe…


(BPT) - For the past few months, patients around the country have had to postpone elective surgery due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re one of them, you're probably wondering when you may hear from your doctor about rescheduling that surgery. As states begin easing restrictions, hospitals…