Lowballed Austin Family

Paul and Tenisha Austin went viral for conducting a "white-washing" experiment on their home in Marin City, CA.

According to ABC7, a Black couple from California has reached a settlement with an appraiser who allegedly undervalued their home by $500,000 due to racial discrimination. Paul and Tenisha Austin made headlines after conducting a "white-washing" experiment on their home in Marin City in response to the low appraisal they received during a 2020 refinance. The Austins removed family photos, artwork, and certain hair products, and had a white friend pose as the homeowner for a second appraisal. The value of their home increased from $945,000 to $1.5 million after the "white-washing."

“Our America: Lowballed” follows Black and Latino families as they fight for fair home values after lower than expected appraisals. ABC's 18-month long investigation explores appraisal discrimination and solutions to a problem potentially costing families billions in equity.

The first appraiser has been ordered to pay the couple an undisclosed sum, agree not to discriminate in the future, receive Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California training, and watch the documentary "Our America: Lowballed," which covers the Austins' low appraisal. The Austins previously settled another lawsuit against the appraisal management company responsible for dispatching the low appraisal.