AT&T Aspire donates $15K grant for STEM

Dibia Dream Foundation’s stem received a $15,000 grant through AT&T’s Aspire initiative.

Dibia Dream hosts a STEM Saturday program, aimed at transforming community centers across Miami-Dade County into “Incubators of Excellence.”

The program, which is located in Miami and New Orleans, engages youth at no cost in STEM activities on the weekends.

The grant will be used to cover materials and tools that are used by high school students participating in the monthly program, according to a statement released by the foundation. The STEM curriculum is part of a nine-month program.

The students have worked on the creation of “working mechanical lungs, hearts, robots and other cool projects that are then applied to real-world lessons.”

The AT&T Aspire initiative supports innovation in education. Since 2008, the company has committed $450 million, a statement said. AT&T employees recently served as volunteers at a Dibia Dream weekend event.

“AT&T believes it is critical for students to have access to the resources and support systems they need to graduate, succeed in college or enter the workforce as they strive to reach their full potential,” said Cristal Cole, regional director of External and Legislative Affairs, AT&T Florida. “We are proud to support organizations like Dibia Dream who provide year-round community programming and help foster a safe environment where children can dream big, nurture their interest in science and technology, and access the resources they need to be successful in life.”

The next STEM Saturday will be 9 a.m. - noon Feb. 2 at Virrick Park Gym, 3255 Plaza St. Students will learn about force and motion and will design, build and race their own cars.

STEM Saturdays give students the opportunity to learn critical thinking, said Dibia Dream founder, Brandon Okpalobi. “Even if students don’t choose a path of science, the lessons learned at STEM Saturdays can be applied to most fields of interest whether scientific or artistic,” he said.

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