Kerry-Ann Royes

Kerry-Ann Royes, CEO of YWCA South Florida

YWCA South Florida, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating racism and gender inequality, received a $50,000 donation from the Simply Healthcare Foundation to advance its mission.

The grant will go directly toward YWCA’S Women’s Equity Success Fund, which came on the heels of the organization’s centennial celebration earlier this year.

The success fund, a component of YWCA’S Economic Justice and Health and Wellness programming, will work to remove barriers for women pursuing career opportunities through upskilling programs and job training classes.

Kerry-Ann Royes, YWCA CEO and president, previously expressed a goal of $100,000 for the fund to cover the transportation, child care, health care and car expenses for women participating in the programming. Simply Healthcare’s donation helps cover 50% of that goal.

“At YWCA South Florida, we recognize economics as a social determinant of quality health care,” said Royes in a statement. “For this reason, we seek to improve the lives of women and girls by increasing economic opportunities and simultaneously advocating for their right to high-quality health and wellness programs. We are grateful for the partnership and financial support from the Simply Healthcare Foundation, which will enable us to promote and advance economic justice and health for women.”

Other programs offered through YWCA are tied to economic prosperity, family wellness, youth development, education and social justice.

Holly Prince, president of Simply Healthcare, said the foundation was happy to help drive YWCA’s efforts.

“Being healthy is more than having access to healthcare,” she said. “It’s about other factors including access to nutritious food, transportation, stable housing and career opportunities. We are proud to work with YWCA to address these drivers of health and promote health equity in our community.”

Kaufman Rossin, a national CPA and advisory firm headquartered in Florida, and Microsoft contributed also to the fund several months ago.