Dwyane Wade

With the NBA season about a month away, former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is doing anything but sitting around reminiscing about the good old playing days.

Even in retirement, Dwyane Wade is living his best life.

He’s a man about town.

He’s a man about family. He’s a man about business.

Lots of professional athletes dread leaving their sport for fear of what their life will be like after the fame is gone – after the bright lights have dimmed, but not Wade.

During his last season in the NBA and the Heat where it all began, D-Wade went out on his own terms and in a style befitting a beloved champion.

He got a chance to say his goodbyes. He got to thank those along the way for their friendship, their comradery and their guidance.

And though in retirement, he is showing us that a vibrant lifestyle is there for the living. Retirement doesn’t have to mean it’s time to pull out the rocker and the knee-high black socks.

For Wade, it means continuing to live life to the fullest—one adventure after another.

In a reflective tweet Wade posts:

“This thing that we call life is so precious and in a blink of an eye it can all change. So, while I have the ability to smile, cry, laugh, pray and love, I’m gonna do just that and I’m gonna do all these things with so much love, passion and intensity that at times it will hurt. I’m OK with that. That’s life. Thank you my God for these 37 years on earth and here’s to more. #MyLifeMyWay

His way seems alright with me.

This year’s annual summertime travels called #WadeWorldTour coincided with the Wade’s fifth wedding anniversary. His wife Gabrielle Union will be the first to tell you that their married life hasn’t always been kicks and giggles, though their Instagram posts say otherwise.

And we’ve savored and loved every moment.

This year Dwyane and Gabby found themselves sitting on the sea k-i-s-s-i-n-g…and a whole lot more.

Just sit right back and you’ll read a tale, a tale of an anniversary trip.

A trip that started off with a trip down memory lane with love-dedication posts to each other of their wedding day and chronicling their life thus far together… and yes, it’s insane.

They made us laugh. They made us cry. And most importantly, they inspired love goals for us all.

The power couple set sail to the Mediterranean along the coasts of Saint Tropez on a yacht with a few good friends. The Wades posted pics of themselves on the beach with Miami Heat CEO, Nick Arison and his wife Jenna. They shared a rare moment captured of video of Miami Heat president Pat Riley and Wade in Aladdin attire dancing the night away on the yacht.

The godfather has some moves and one can only guess that dancing wasn’t the only moves being made on this trip with these power players. Like maybe they discussed, when the Heat will be retiring Wade’s jersey number or when they will be dedicating a statue of the Heat legend at AmericanAirlines Arena or possibly Dwyane joining the Heat’s front office. Afterall, Wade was instrumental in getting Jimmy Butler to come play for the Miami Heat.

Things that make you go hmmm…

Ok, back to the happy couple.

Gabby shared their eating habits while on vacay – dairy and gluten. Treating yourself while on vacation is the best excuse. #justdoit

Wade happily showed off some pics he took of his wife Gabby in a bathing suit, citing this is part of a husband’s duties.

In this day and age of social media …Yep, we like it.

In an Aladdin-inspired outfit, a stuffed tiger by his side and captioning the theme, D-Wade posted picture of himself sitting like a king on his thrown:

“This IS retirement!!” – Wade tweeted.

What a way to celebrate a wedding anniversary and what a way to enjoy retirement. #WayofWade

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