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Thanksgiving is always about family, food and football.

And tradition calls for you to say for what you are thankful.

South Floridians are thankful that they don’t have to deal with one of the harshest winters that has been going on across the country.

And this Thanksgiving holiday, what South Florida sports fans are most thankful for is their pride being restored due to the winning that some of their favorite sports team are experiencing.

Though fish is generally not on the menu for this particular holiday, the Phins are in.

The Miami Dolphins are going about winning in the non-traditional sense.

Effectively, they are winning by losing. They started off their season with a tank show so stink, that we thought for sure they we were in for a perfect 0-16 season, thereby assuring us the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s draft.

With the moves by the front office combined with the play on the field, you didn’t’ need the late Miss Cleo to tell you where this year’s Dolphins season was headed.

However, they’ve managed to slip in a couple of wins thus far to keep hope alive while they work out those pesky little draft details.

What about the Florida Panthers?

Surprisingly, the Panthers have skated their way into second place in the Atlantic Division.

With the guidance of new head coach and three-time Stanley cup winner Joel Quenneville, the Panthers are on the prowl.

They’ve had several come-from-behind wins this season, garnering them the nickname “The Comeback Cats.”

And there is nothing like good effort or a good fight on the ice.

Again, fish is not traditional Thanksgiving food.

And the Miami Marlins are off our plate.

After finishing with 105 losses for the season, fans are just thankful that the Marlins’ miserable season is finally over.

Here’s to next season of America’s so-called favorite pastime.

And, last but not least – let’s talk about your Miami Heat, in my Michael Baiamonte voice.

Get your popcorn and champagne and get ready to watch some exciting basketball.

A classy snack befitting the Heat culture, don’t you think?

This Miami Heat team is on fire and have been a joy to watch.

Cause all they do is…win, win, win.

We are loving the addition of Jimmy Butler!

Yes, he brings the buckets as his nickname “Jimmy Buckets” suggests. But he also brought along with him with his work ethic and a desire to win and it has been spreading throughout the team like wildfire.

With the exit stage left of Hassan Whiteside, Bam Adebayo continues to show growth and is poised for a breakout season.

But it has been the rookies who have been showing up and showing out. Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro and Chris Silva have been putting up numbers that are bananas.

Butler, with his veteran presence, has just been the star there to guide them.

Wait a minute, I think I am getting my holidays mixed up.

Oh well, this team has started to gel and is play well.

The games have not all been pretty but finding a way to win is what good teams do.

Heat fans haven’t experienced this type of euphoria since the height of the Big Three era. Think

back to then we had a superstar trio, but now, we have one superstar surrounded by a plethora of up-and-coming talent.

Though Pat Riley is still looking for a second orca to compliment Jimmy Butler, right now this team is riding high.

And Heat fans are really enjoying this new team and the chemistry. I smell another Harlem Shake video or one of those new dances like the “shoulder shake” or “the floss” team videos.

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