Dexter Bridgeman

Dexter Bridgeman, founder of MIA Media Group, interviews Walter Bond, at Mosaic Group’s Black Business Month event in Fort Lauderdale, Aug. 16.

Walter Bond said there are three types of people: sharks, suckerfish and parasites.

Sharks, he said, are special people who move a certain way in a room; suckerfish are able to be mentored by someone else; and parasites leach onto other people and use them.

Bond, former basketball player turner motivational speaker and author explained people’s attitudes and introduced his book to attendees of a

Black Business Month event on Friday, Aug. 16, by the Mosaic Group and other partners at the Urban League of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale. Ann Marie Sorrell of the Mosiac Group said Mosaic usually did an all-day event for National Black Business Month. This time, the firm was doing only a lunch because Mosaic plans to present the National Black Economic Conference next year, April 23-25.

A similar event with Bond was held on Tuesday, Aug. 13, in West Palm Beach, hosted by West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James.

Bond’s latest book, “Swim!: How a Shark, a Suckerfish, and a Parasite Teach You Leadership, Mentoring, and Next Level Success” was featured at both events.

Bond said he got the book idea when he was fishing with his brother, and noticed how sharks, suckerfish and parasites operate. Someone who takes and never gives, he said, is a parasite and the world has too many of those. Sharks and suckerfish may have a mentor/mentee relationship with each other – by choice.

“I have been studying sharks,” said Bond. “They can operate in salt and fresh water. I can be a shark in Germany and Italy. If you send me to Beirut, I can be a shark there. The book is about leadership. Imagine you spend $20, and you can have a one-on-one coaching for twenty bucks.”

Bond spoke about his past with the NBA and his current position as a motivational speaker and how he taught people to do what he was doing. When he wakes up in the morning, he said, the only one who stops him is himself. He also said he got asked what his secret was while doing his current job. He said he didn’t have a secret. He was just being himself.

“I got out of the sports world,” he said, “which is a bubble. I began to realize that a lot of people struggle with their thought processes. Even the Bible says be fruitful and multiply.”

Bond also said that the biggest mistake people made was to put money first rather than what gave them passion in life. He said the money would follow if what you do is your passion.

Following Bond, Broward County Vice Mayor Dale Holness spoke. Holness spoke about how Black businessmen and women had to develop their own independent voices, and also said that the whole country needed to develop a strong business environment, and more entrepreneurs needed to grow their brands as well.

Holness said Broward County is the second-most Black-populated county in the United States, and that Black people needed to spend more money within their own community. As someone who began the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, he said, he knew “you can’t separate the purse from the power.”

“Who got the money determines the structure of how the country is run,” said Holness. “If we have the money to control the power, we control the politics and change the structure of how the country is run.”

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