Seminar teaches parents how to get along with their children

On Saturday, Jan. 21st, several parents returned to the classroom to participate in the seminar, Conflict and Parenting: Building a Safe Home Environment, which at the Overtown Youth Center. Presented by Priscilla Dames, the CEO and founder of Wingspan Seminars, a conflict management company, the workshop taught parents the basics of conflict resolution - including better communication skills in order to share information and be understood by others; how to reflectively listen in order to pay attention to the content and feelings expressed by another person; and how to effectively problem solve and resolve issues. Parents were taught how to take these skills and apply them to their own home and in the way that they relate to and communicate with their children. The workshop ended with parents writing a love letter to their children to express how much they care for and appreciate them. Since 2005, Wingspan Seminars has offered such workshops to various audiences teaching the basics of conflict resolution in order to enhance their overall lives and reduce the stress and emotional toil that occurs with continual conflict. In addition to the parent-child relationship, seminars have been created to address clashes between colleagues in the work environment, bullying prevention strategies, and using mediation as a team building tool. Last year, Wingspan Seminars introduced their newest component, Wings on Women [WOW], seminar training for women focusing on their self-development and empowerment.

By Kaila Heard

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