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I come across many people who do exceptional things for a cause. A cause is an idea or an objective that motivates people to action. Advocating, fundraising and bringing awareness to something significant are examples of action.

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Books are vehicles that informs us and entertains us. They can be tools that shape our imagination more than what other media could. South Florida’s largest collection of these tools is on the horizon.

The thing that we love more than football…is more football. We hate to see the season end.

There were two college football games in Tallahassee on Nov. 2. On the north end of town at Doak Campbell Stadium, many were there to watch the University of Miami Hurricanes beat the Florida State Seminoles 27-10 for the third year in a row. The best team in Tallahassee though had a game on…

Sufferers of hair loss will have support this weekend at an event that aims to uplift with a little luxury.