Angela Robinson

Motherhood was always a certainty in the mind of actress Angela Robinson and after many years of trying with her husband, they finally got their baby in 2018. The route by which they finally fulfilled their dream however, was a surprise one.

Robinson who grew up in Florida, plays Veronica Harrington in the Tyler Perry-produced “The Haves and the Have Nots,” a character television audiences simply love to hate! Veronica is as steely, tricky and yes, deliciously evil as ever in this, the show’s seventh season. Asked how she is enjoying her character’s growth, Robinson said, “I still love playing her and I’m glad Tyler has chosen to give her some levity. He’s made her funnier. If you’re gonna be evil at least be evil and funny.”

Robinson, of course, was also an attendee at Tyler Perry’s recent gala to celebrate the historic opening of the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, where she received a star on the lot along with other acting luminaries. “He honored so many people – Cicely Tyson, Oprah, Will Smith, Denzel. For him to take that time to honor us was amazing. It was an emotional weekend,” she said.

The weekend also gave Robinson some fangirl moments. “Beyonce walked by me and I almost fainted,” she recalls.

Aware of some of the flack Perry got for saying he did all of the writing on his projects, citing it as an example of impeccable “work ethic,” Robinson says she sees the benefits of his hands-on approach. “Usually when you work on a set,” she explains, “if you want to make an adjustment to the script or you’re not comfortable in an outfit or want to change a line or make a character choice, you have to go through so much red tape.” On those occasions, the showrunners and producers aren’t on the set. “So, to have on our set the same person who wrote and produced, you can pretty much just walk over to him and ask, ‘What do you think of this?’”

Robinson was playing a mom on TV even as she failed time and time again to get pregnant and carry her baby to term in real life. Black women experience infertility at rates twice that of white women, and it appeared this was the issue for her as well.

“When we started having trouble, we did not want to use adoption as a consolation prize,” she said, even though she and her husband always knew they were going to adopt in addition to having their own child.

They decided to stick to their original plan which was to conceive first and then adopt.

“When you're stubborn people like we are, it's hard to move on. You don’t accept the fact that your miracle might end up looking a little differently than you planned. We kept trying to conceive for many, many years. My husband and I have been married 23 years, and we tried for 21.”

Though they stuck together and drew strength from the challenges, they had one or two rocky moments. At one point, Robinson broke down in tears. “I’m a crier and my husband is more the ‘I gotta be strong’ type. There was a moment when I was like, ‘Do you not care? Do you not want a baby?’”

When they finally decided to adopt, the agency they went to wasn’t encouraging. They basically said we were too old,” she recalls.

Angela and her husband had decided to, “be okay with it. We were content and would focus our love on our nieces and nephews.” Soon after, she bumped into a friend her age who had just adopted a baby. Hopes renewed, they went to the same agency her friend used, eventually adopting a baby boy, Robinson Scott, in 2018. “When I saw how my husband was with him,” she remembers, “I could see he always wanted it as much I did.”

Looking back on the circuitous path to parenthood, Robinson counts it all as a blessing. “All the difficulties and challenges of the journey were worth it once we laid eyes on our amazing son. It was all so that we could be his parents, and he could be our baby. I’d do it all again to be his mama!”

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