Football fans

Football fans line up at Hard Rock Stadium to try Chef Creole’s cuisine, which is located on level 100.

Visitors of Hard Rock Stadium can now pass on the hot dogs and burgers and opt for oxtail, conch salad and other Haitian-inspired menu options. Little Haiti’s own, Chef Creole, is officially open for business at Hard Rock Stadium, making its debut Sunday as the Miami Dolphins faced the New England Patriots.

Dolphins and Patriots fans put their rivalry aside as they lined up to get a taste of the growing chain of restaurants. The concession stand will serve a menu consisting of jambalaya, stew chicken, oxtail and conch, said owner Wilkinson Sejour.

This is the seventh location in the stable of restaurants, and the second concession stand to open at a major touristic destination within a year of each other. Last September, Sejour opened the Chef Creole concession stand at the Miami International Airport to rave reviews.

Chef Creole is located on the 100 level of the Miami Gardens stadium.

“We did very, very well …,” Sejour said of his first day at Hard Rock Stadium. “Everyone that saw the brand name recognized it.”

The new stand will give visitors variety in food choices and expose them to the local, culinary tradition of the area, Sejour said.

“When people come to the games, they want to have something that they can relate to,” he said. “It adds to the experience.”

With the Super Bowl coming to South Florida in February, Sejour says he plans to use the coming months to prepare for football’s biggest event. “This is definitely training wheels,” he said.

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