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Pastor Misha Maynard, Dr. Michelle Powell and Darvin Williams

From it’s very first mission, the body of Christ was called to serve and to better the communities of all of God’s children. With a new partnership with the church community, the medical community, and community leadership, Wellspring Community Resources Inc. is looking to get this mission accomplished. Wellspring is a new nonprofit founded by healthcare attorney and community developer Darvin Williams and family medical physician Dr. Michelle C. Powell.

Wellspring along with Church Alive, Inc., a faith-based health education organization for seniors, along with prominent community leaders, and renowned members of the medical community are looking to improve health and wellness: mind, body, and soul of all of God’s children.

The goal of Wellspring Community Resources is to be its namesake, to serve the community as a well from which necessary resources shall spring. Its mission is to conduct an annual needs assessment for area communities, develop programming to meet identified needs, and secure funding for the same. Programming will be implemented through its community resource centers.

The programs of each community resource center will be tailored to the community it serves. While one community resource center may offer a food pantry another may focus on employment and re-entry into the workforce. Williams will serve as the organization’s inaugural president. Williams holds a juris doctorate degree from the George Washington University Law School with a focus on Health Law. He holds a master’s in Public Health with a focus on Health Policy from the George Washington University School of Medicine and he holds a master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration from the University of Miami School of Business. With his latest project, Williams is looking to develop community wellness complexes in urban communities throughout Florida. In addition to this synergy in goals, he brings to the organization nearly two decades of executive and consulting experience.

Dr. Powell will serve as the organization’s inaugural vice president.

Dr. Powell is the founder and CEO of Powell Health Solutions Corp., a family medical practice serving patients of all ages from children to seniors. An expert in the treatment of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, Dr. Powell’s mantra is “taking your health from average to excellent.” At her practice she offers an array of services to do just that. Some of these services include a customized weight loss program, a medicinal marijuana program, allergy testing and treatment, transportation for seniors, and on-site diagnostic testing services.

From the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Powell holds both a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine with a concentration in Family Medicine and a master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy.

She is excited about bringing her nearly two decades of experience of implementing healthy behaviors for the community to serving on the Wellspring team.

Equally excited about the mission of Wellspring are healthcare executives Dr. Stephanie Small-Diaz and Pastor Samuel R. Mitchell Jr. who shall serve in the roles of secretary and treasurer respectively. In its first years of operations, the Wellspring team looks to cover 13 communities across the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Duval. The cities of Miami Gardens and Opa-locka are the sites for the first two planned centers.

Through her organization, Church Alive Inc., Pastor Misha Maynard is linking arms with Wellspring to develop this new partnership for community health and wellness. With both of her parents being leaders in the church, Pastor Maynard was raised with the principle that to lead is to serve. And serve she has. As the COO of Church Alive, she focuses the organization’s resources on empowering spiritual, mental, and physical health through education. Best known for her ability to accomplish difficult tasks with proficiency and prowess, Pastor Maynard also serves as the COO and Assistant Pastor of her home church, Cathedral of Praise COGIC Nashville, Tennessee. With her passion for improving community health and wellness, Pastor Maynard has been a champion for better healthcare for senior citizens, low-income residents, and children battling obesity. In following her passions and her call to serve, Pastor Maynard has also worked with the Women’s Political Collaboration, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Nashville Chapter, the Links Inc. and the Tennessee Obesity Task Force.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education from Calvary Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Therapy from Cornerstone University. With the depth of her education and experience, Maynard remains excited about galvanizing the community leaders, medical communities, and faith-based communities to support this new health and wellness partnership.

Last Saturday, Wellspring Community Resource, Church Alive and the city of Miami Gardens held Golden Garden Party, a health and wellness education and empowerment event for over 300 seniors. The program featured Chef Kenny Minor from New York City who conducted a presentation on “Cooking Healthy and Tasty Soul Food.” The event also featured psychiatrist Dr. Delvena Thomas who discussed mind, wellness. The event took place at Rolling Hills Park in Miami Gardens.

This article originally appeared in The Gospel Truth magazine.

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