Dr. Gianni Neil 

“They really listen.” “They don’t just give me a pill.” “They truly care.”

These sentiments are often repeated by patients of Dr. Gianni Neil and other Chen Senior Medical Center physicians, who, in turn, note how ChenMed is a great career choice for clinicians.

For more than 30 years, the Miami-based medical practice has been providing personalized care to Florida seniors. ChenMed now operates 59 centers in eight states that help diverse elderly patient populations thrive.

According to Dr. Neil, ChenMed market chief medical officer for Chen Senior Medical Centers in Broward County, and Dedicated Senior Medical Centers in Palm Beach County, “we hire doctors who are compassionate, who are caring, who have a passion for serving older patients, many of whom are living with complex health challenges. And what makes us special is how we do whatever it takes for our patients to enjoy more healthy days.”

“Our proven approach to care resonates within the physician’s heart, because we’re able to personalize primary care for every patient,” Neil says.

Maryellen Echelmeier, a 5-year patient of Neil, describes her doctor as “excellent” and “compassionate.”

Then she adds that Dr. Neil “attacks the problem you’re having. She doesn’t just ignore it and say, ‘here take a pill and go away.’ She does what she can.”

A few years ago, Echelmeier experienced a problem with falls. “Dr. Neil checked my blood pressure and stability. She put me in the hospital a couple of times and ran some tests,” explains Echelmeier. “And, I’m doing really good now because we solved the problem.”

Echelmeier said enjoys recommending Neil and Chen Senior Medical Centers to friends.

“This is a common theme among our patients,” underscores Neil. “We’re a high-growth medical practice primarily because happy patients refer in family members and friends. And you should know that at least eight of my own family members are among those receiving outstanding care from Chen Senior Medical Center doctors.”

Before being a ChenMed patient, Echelmeier says other doctors gave her only 10 minutes in a patient appointment. “They would say, ‘Hi, what’s wrong? Here. Take this’, and then they were done.”

“My doctor spends at least 20 minutes with me on every visit,” Echelmeier . “She takes the time to listen to me, and to fully explain what the situation is. I also appreciate how she follows up to get me through problems.”

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