Rosé has taken the wine-drinking world glass by glass. The rise has been spurred on by drinkers in St. Tropez in the South of France, synonymous  with shells, seafood, anchors, summer fruit, cat-eye sunglasses. Since, winemakers have been focusing on perfecting the preferred drink of summer. 

This year, The Château Minuty estate is kicking off the 2019 summer season with the second edition of its Worldwide Tour of its rosé. English artist Ruby Taylor has captured her vision of St. Tropez on the iconic bottle. The M de Minuty Rosé is produced from Grenache and Tibouren varieties. The wine is light and bright, with a nose of orange peel and red currant. The taste is smooth, with a nice acidulous freshness.

Taking a wine best served chilled outdoors has been a challenge. But one winemaker says it has risen to the challenge. While on vacation in St. Tropez, the winemaker saw people ordering rosé and adding ice cubes. Those drinks were watery and bland. He decided to make a rosé especially to be drank with ice, and Rosé Piscine, a fresh, floral fruity wine, was born. Pronounced P Seen (emphasis on Seen), the word means swimming pool. Saturday, June 8 was National Rosé Day. Why not try a rosé at your summer gathering.

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