Sugar Mama Cover

In this fun novel, “Keilanii Jennings is portrayed as a sexy, feisty, independent and proud Texas mogul in the making who makes no apologies about splurging on her lavish lifestyle, designer labels, five-star getaways, and her boy toys. Things take a dramatic turn when she discovers that the man who stole her heart tries to steal her fortune and is exposed as the ultimate gold digger!”

The title is, Sugar Mama: A Keilanii Jennings Saga, and it quells quarantine fatigue with a healthy dose of urban-fiction intrigue. Jennings pops off the page with her larger-than-life persona, her deep pockets and a problematic paramour who goes by the name of Elliot, Jr.

Co-authored by serial entrepreneurs Lalanii Wilson Jones and Treavion Davenport, Sugar Mama is their debut collaboration, and the 208-page paperback took three years of planning and coordinating to ultimately pen. It is self-published via Jones’ Mogul247 Enterprises.

This bittersweet treat is loosely inspired by their real-life experiences and their love for the works of literary luminaries like E. Lynn Harris, Sista Souljah, and Omar Tyree.

Lalanii Wilson Jones is a Dallas-based business mogul with businesses in the healthcare, skincare, and wellness industries. Treavion Davenport is a Los-Angeles-based public relations guru with a focus on strategic brand and reputation management. Their paths initially crossed when Jones hired Davenport to be a publicist for a recording artist she managed. That connection allowed the businesswomen to see other opportunities, so they joined forces.

“I write fiction and nonfiction,” Davenport told The Miami Times during a phone interview on March 29. “And [Jones] had a story in mind that had to be told.” The initial literary project was a scheduled tell-all book, but the dynamic duo decided to let their facts fuel the fiction.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a sugar daddy but not necessarily a sugar mama. However, there are many women who are financially stable, or well on their way, and date men who purposely take more than they give. The authors incorporated the male gold-digger into the plot of Sugar Mama to give urban fiction romp a unique twist.

The era of social distancing that is slowly coming to an end, was a challenge for these two authors. Both women have adult children in their 20s who also have lives of their own. Davenport had this to say about her boys:

“I do believe they made efforts to cater to me, specifically on Mother’s Day and it was cool to just leave me alone and let me write and be at peace,” said Davenport. “It was just an honor to be their mother that didn’t require a special celebration.”

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