The Diamond Doll Foundation and Supa Friends

Amara La Negra, Katrina “Trina” Taylor, “Supa Cindy” Doucet and Bobby Lytes at Brunch for a Cause. (Miami Times Photo/Daniella Pierre)

Cloudy skies didn’t stop local celebrity artists from shining and showing up for a fundraiser at NoMi’s Bar and Grill in North Miami, on Nov 24.

And as the DJ played mixed beats of hip-hop, rap and soul, guests arrived one by one.

Recording artist Katrina “Trina” Taylor and on-air radio host “Supa Cindy” Doucet teamed up to Brunch for a Cause in an effort to raise money for their local non-profits: The Diamond Doll Foundation and Supa Friends.

Brunch for a Cause was spearheaded by both Trina and Supa Cindy. It was a joint venture to help young women and girls in South Florida. The event’s theme: Queens who don’t compete.

“I started my non-profit with my heart to help women of South Florida with the obstacles that they face,” Supa Cindy said.

All proceeds from the fundraiser are earmarked to benefit Supa Friends and the Diamond Doll Foundation, according to Trina and Supa Cindy.

It was just a few years ago back in 2017 when event hosts Trina and Supa Cindy had a fiery exchange of words over an interview Supa Cindy done with another artist in the industry.

But shortly after the interview aired, the two later squashed it live on air in the 99 JAMZ studio.

Latousha Daniels, executive director of Miami Children’s Initiative of Liberty City came out to support the event and Trina, her former classmate of Miami Northwestern Senior High.

“The event theme and title drew me in. Women are stronger together when we don’t compete, because we get more accomplished,” said Daniels.

Winner of Miami-Dade’s young talent big dreams vocalist category and 10th grader at Miami Northwestern and aspiring business mogul Queen K stopped by to support the event with her dad.

Willa “Pumpkin Spice” Augustin, who is a mother, a nurse practitioner by day and radio show host by night, came all the way from West Palm Beach with her daughter to attend the brunch.

“NoMi is a beautiful venue. I decided to come to the event to connect with different people and collaborate” Augustin said.

During the event, more and more local celebrities showed up. Two cast members from “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” – Bobby Lytes and Amara La Negra – graced the audience with their presence and several poses for the camera.

In addition to the glitz, glam and food, health and wellness was an important topic during the Brunch.

Dr. George Fon Tabi, a family practice specialist in North Miami presented Supa Cindy a $1,000 check for the non-profits from Jet Setters, his business with Flo-Rida. After presenting the check, Tabi spoke on his views about wellness, CDB gummies and provided more information about Jet Setters.

“Wellness is not just about what’s in your pocket but one’s ability to cope and push through times of adversity,” Tabi said.

Dr. Delvina Thomas, who has her own private practice in Fort Lauderdale, spoke about prevention, education and treatment of mental health disorders. Thomas believes mental health disorder is a big issue in our communities.

“We have a much higher rate of mental health disorders that go untreated,” Thomas said.

Thomas encouraged all attendees to prepare for 2020 by keeping a balanced life, being more proactive and exercising the mind through what she calls brain love.

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