Black lives

‘These are the Black lives we are talking about’ —Mayor Oliver Gilbert

‘On Tuesday, June 9 at 8:46 a.m., all digital billboards in the City of Miami Gardens simultaneously broadcast a message in support of Black Lives Matter and in honor of George Floyd. It is also the date that George Floyd was laid to rest during a private service in Houston, Texas. Miami Gardens raised flags at half-staff in honor of his memory and commemorated the solemn day by honoring Floyd’s life with a picture representing our future.

For there to be real progress we must get beyond the outrage and look to outcomes. This has to stop being a Black and white problem; this must be a human problem. There must be a universal belief that life has an intrinsic value no matter its inhabitant,” said Mayor Oliver Gilbert.

This is the first of many ads the City plans to display that will highlight individuals in our community and emphasize that these are the lives that must be protected from racial injustice and inequity. Black Lives Matter, and our kids simply want the opportunity to grow up and build the life of their dreams and our expectations.

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