Bus Tour

Attorney Marlon Hill hosted a South Miami-Dade Community History Bus Tour with a cross section of residents, community and business leaders. Narrated by renowned historian Paul George of HistoryMiami and Miami Dade College, the community history bus tour on Oct. 19 commenced in the historic Cauley Square Village of Goulds, winded through the neighborhoods of West Perrine, South Miami Heights, Richmond Heights, Three Lakes, Silver Palm, Redland, Homestead, Florida City and concluded at the Redland Community & Farm Market. Participants of the tour learned about South Dade’s rich pioneering farming history, sprawling urban residential communities, tourism attractions and national parks.

“From 1903 in the township of Goulds, the Black community cemented its roots in South Dade with the contributions of the Mays family in building the educational foundation of pioneer community. Likewise, the Richmond Heights community celebrated its 75 anniversary in 2019 after its creation in the post WWII era. To this day, with changing demographics, the Black community remains a significant part of South Dade’s character and historic personality,” said Hill. “It is critical for us to have an appreciation for our individual stories in order to understand our shared challenges and dreams.” He arranged the tour to bolster his campaign for the Miami-Dade County Commission, District 9. Hill filed in March this year for the expected open seat to be vacated by incumbent Commissioner Dennis C. Moss.

Author of the book, “A Journey Through Time: A Pictorial History of South Dade,” George connected the dots of Henry Flagler’s East Coast Railroad to the land grant communities of Florida City and Homestead. In addition, George outlined South Dade’s role in pre and post-World War II aviation and naval history and the development of one of the most productive agricultural areas in Florida.

The community bus tour included residents who populate the largest geographic district in Miami-Dade County. With the transition of County Commission leadership in 2020, tour participants also had an opportunity to ask questions about challenges and opportunities in South Miami-Dade County, including, transportation, housing, economic development, and urban vs rural development.

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