Commercial Evictions

The local moratorium on commercial evictions in Miami-Dade County is coming to an end. Police will start processing commercial evictions on March 5.

Rent Relief

Miami-Dade County will resume applications for rent relief with an influx of $60 million in federal stimulus money once the new rent-relief program is approved by commissioners. Although tenants apply for the relief, the aid is paid directly to landlords.

Fair Postponed

The Miami-Dade Fair is postponing its usual spring event to fall. New dates are Nov. 18 – Dec. 5. It was canceled last March due to the pandemic.

Coronavirus Infection Rates

COVID-19 positivity rates appear to be declining in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, but rising in Monroe. The Florida Department of Health on Tuesday confirmed 7,023 cases statewide (1,454 in Miami-Dade). At the same time, 233 deaths were confirmed – the most deaths announced in a day since Jan. 22.

Online Rumors

Facebook plans to ramp up efforts to block the spread of bogus vaccine claims. Among Facebook’s new targets are claims that vaccines aren’t effective, that they’re toxic, dangerous, or cause autism, all of which have been thoroughly debunked. Already prohibited are falsehoods that masks are ineffective, and that vaccines cause infertility or contain tracking microchips, among a whole host of other dangerous information.  

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