Popular South Florida rapper Kodak Black was sentenced to more than three years in prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges, according to the Associated Press.

The 22-year-old rapper, who descends from Broward County, awaited his hearing on Wednesday in a Miami court amid his May arrest at the Rolling Loud hip-hop music festival in Miami Gardens, where authorities found illegally obtained weapons just moments before he was scheduled to perform.

AP details that Black admitted in August to falsifying information on federal forms to purchase four firearms from a Miami-area gun shop on two separate occasions. Black was able to get three of the weapons: a 9 mm handgun, a .380-caliber handgun and a semi-automatic Mini Draco weapon.

Authorities indicated one of the guns was found at the scene of a March shooting in the rapper's hometown of Pompano Beach, although he has not been charged in that case.

He appeared before U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno, who could have sentenced the rapper to a maximum sentence of 10 years-- with prosecutors pushing for eight years due to allegations that Black was involved in a jail brawl that injured a corrections officer.

“I think it’s time for us to give some tough love in this case,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Brown. “I just don’t see how and when he’s taken these things seriously.”

But Moreno highlighted that Black has given money anonymously to charitable causes and suggested the rapper could, "continue to be generous" behind bars.

"I have made some decisions I’m not proud of making,” Black stated in court. “I do take full responsibility for my mishap.”

In lieu of his sentence, Black took to Instagram to share the news with his 8.4 million followers and received thousands of comments from fans showing their support.

Black, a South Florida native who was born to Haitian American parents, released his first mixtape, "Project Baby" in 2013 at the age of 16. Today, he is best-known for his Billboard chart-topping albums and singles, in addition to successful song collaborations with other rap artists including: Travis Scott, Future, Lil Wayne and more.

Sources and photos via Associated Press

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