Glenn Rice

Glenn Rice, center, at the June 25, 2018 campaign fundraiser for Miramar Commission candidate, Alexandra Davis.

For the time Alexandra Davis entered the political scene in Miramar, Glenn Rice said he was her No. 1 supporter.

“She ran against four white guys, and she kicked their ass[es],” said Rice.

Up until last week, Rice was suing her for a refund of his campaign contribution. On Saturday, Feb. 23, Rice called it quits.

“Lawsuit not being filed, no papers to be served, to Alexandra. End of story, said Rice in a text message on Saturday.

While Rice had said he could no longer support her because she misled her constituents, Davis is saying he broke ties because she rejected his romantic advances.

Rice is a retired Hialeah police officer, not an NBA All-Starer. He considers himself a political junkie. He has stayed involved in politics even after completing his civic duty.

In addition to helping push Davis in Miramar, Rice has also been a vehicle for another local politician. He helped raise more than $300,000 for Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez, he told the Florida BullDog, where he also admitted to being a henchman for the Hernandez and doing opposition research for the Hialeah mayor.

For the last decade, Davis has been involved in Miramar politics. She has served from vice mayor to commissioner. In 2014, she also took a swing at running for the Broward County Commission.

The tiff started around June 25, 2018, when Rice hosted a fork-and-cork campaign fundraiser to raise money for Davis’ current campaign. Davis is vying against three other candidates for Miramar’s Commission Seat 4. Elections are set for March 12.

Rice invited all of his friends. He raised $20,000 for his favorite Miramar candidate. Rice also donated $3,000 of his personal money to Davis’ campaign.

According to campaign finance reports, she accepted money from a PAC affiliated with the law firm that represents, Lennar Corp. This is contrary to her campaign, which she ran against its upcoming project in Miramar, said Rice.

Lennar's plans to build 385 single-family homes in Miramar has brought grave opposition from the residents. Critics argue that building on the wetlands where the land is located is an environmental hazard. Public safety and traffic are also concerns.

But on Sep. 19, 2018, Davis accepted a check from GM Citizens for a Better FL. The address listed on the campaign is the same address for Greenspoon Marder LLP, a firm that has represented Lennar Corp, according to court documents.

On Oct. 17, 2018, Rice sent an email to Davis asking for his personal campaign contributions back. Rice hasn’t said if his campaign funds were returned, only that he would no longer be pursuing the lawsuit.

Other contributors who attended the fundraiser also asked Davis for a refund.

Michelle Sverrisson grew up in Miramar. She and her husband gave $3,000 to Davis’ campaign.

When she found out about the GM Citizens for a Better FL contribution, she sent a letter and a handful of emails to Davis for a refund.

“Alexandra Davis is untruthful and does not hold up to what she says,” said Sverrisson.

Sverrisson was told that her money would be returned to her after the elections.

Davis refused to comment on the lawsuit itself but said she thinks Rice is just bitter because she does not share his romantic ardor.

“He thinks because he threw me a fundraiser at his million-dollar home then I would want to sleep with him,” she said.

Rice said he has no romantic or sexual interest in Davis.

Rice’s home where he held the fundraiser— has a market value of $393,050, according to the Broward County Appraiser.

Davis said, she would be willing to give the refund “towards the end of the campaign on a pro rata basis,” adding that she is “under no obligation to do so.”

Florida law only mandates a refund if a candidate changes the designated office for which he or she is running, or if a contributor has given more than the contribution limit.

Retuning fund pro rata means returning portions of the funds that have not been spent or obligated.

At a Jan. 28 political meeting Davis was asked about returning campaign funds if asked to which she replied, she “has done it [issued refunds] before, and she will do it again.”

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