Miami Beach leaders are gearing up for an influx of travelers and locals this Memorial Day, announcing a list of measures to ensure a peaceful holiday weekend. 

The measures came from a series of emergency orders to prevent a repeat of the chaos witnessed during Spring Break. 

Beginning Friday, capacity at the beaches will be limited with lane closures, barricades and other crowd-controlling tactics. 

Drivers must go through license-plate checkpoints located across the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways. Only one eastbound lane will be open on the MacArthur Causeway, while the Julia Tuttle Causeway will have two of its eastbound lanes open for Memorial Day. 

A traffic loop during the evenings will direct eastbound traffic on 5th Street northbound onto Collins Avenue towards 17th Street. Traffic will move from westbound to Washington Avenue then southbound to 5th Street. The loop will be in effect from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. the next day. 

During that time, the Miami Beach Trolley Service and Miami-Dade County bus services will take pedestrians along Meridian Avenue between 5th Street and 17th Street both north and southbound, instead of down Collins Avenue. Complimentary rides are provided to and from parking garages Saturday and Sunday. 

Checkpoint entrances on the beach will control over-crowding for safety reasons. Access to the beach will be restricted when too many people gather there at one time. Alcohol, coolers, loud music, inflatable devices, tents, and glass containers are all prohibited. 

“People on the beach will be welcomed but we want to make sure that the first interaction they have with a public official is not the police,” said Glendon Hall, chair of the Miami Beach Black Affairs Advisory Committee.

The Committee suggested bringing in roughly 200 Goodwill Ambassadors to assist people on the beach and de-escalate situations that don’t require police presence. 

Ride-share vehicles must go through checkpoints monitored by security guards or police. On-street parking will not be allowed and parking garages in the area will charge $20.

Businesses in the area that offer golf-cart rentals, scooters, motorcycles, and other low-speed vehicles have been asked to suspend services during the weekend. 

Flamingo Park and South of Fifth residential neighborhoods will be barricaded and can only be accessed with a valid photo ID or proof of residency. 

Beachgoers caught drinking alcohol in public, playing loud music from vehicles, driving under the influence, or smoking marijuana may be arrested.