Mayor Francis X. Suarez announced Tuesday that a local tech company donated $50,000 to the Police Athletic League.

The Police Athletic League, or PAL, has provided free after-school and summer camp programs to City of Miami children since 1995. Motorsport Games, most known for their NASCAR racing video games, donated the money to help fund the nonprofit’s STEM educational programming. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Because of the donation, PAL will be able to continue providing students, who otherwise might not have had the opportunity, the ability to learn about robotics, coding and 3-D modeling.

“This $50,000 donation will simply expand the opportunity to more Miamians,” Suarez said. “We often talk about not just creating a Miami that’s here forever, but creating a Miami that’s here for everyone.”

Motorsport Games hopes to provide more STEM opportunities to young people and jobs to residents. The company’s CEO, Dmitry Kozko, expressed his enthusiasm at the press conference.

“If we can contribute by adding a little bit of joy to people, we get really excited,” said Kozko. “Hopefully we can do more, and not just spread the joy, but also help bring more jobs to this city.”

One of Suarez’s missions is to make Miami “the next Silicon Valley.” This instance of highlighting one of the city’s tech companies seems to be an extension of that goal.  

“Cooperation and collaboration are at the forefront of our efforts to revolutionize Miami’s tech economy,” Suarez said. “This yet another example of a Miami brand investing in our city.”

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