D.C. Clark plans to run for county District 2 seat

Community advocate and Inner City Activists for Responsible Education (ICARE) member William D.C. Clark said he plans to run for Miami-Dade County Commission District 2 seat. The seat is currently occupied by Jean Monestime, who has announced he is running for county mayor. 

“I will file the necessary paperwork soon and get to work immediately afterwards doing everything in my power to improve the lives of EVERY citizen that resides in District 2,” Clark wrote in a July 31 Facebook post announcing his candidacy.

Clark is founder of DCS Mentoring Program and is a former president of Miami Central Alumni Association.

Clark intimated in his announcement that he would have preferred to have been a part of an elder’s politician’s plan.

“Even though I respect the legacy of most of our Elder Politicians, Succession Planning is something black politicians do not practice and we often hold on much too long, killing off any chance of our Millennials becoming an integral part of the process,” Clark wrote.

 Profiling concerns by TSA supervisors

Investigators were unable to corroborate specific allegations that a Transportation Security Administration supervisor instructed air marshals to racially discriminate against passengers at Florida's busiest airport.

But investigators for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General uncovered concerns about racial profiling of passengers by TSA supervisors at Orlando International Airport, according to a report sent to lawmakers last week.

The Office of Inspector General launched the investigation a year ago at the request of U.S. lawmakers after three air marshals went public with the discrimination allegations.

The air marshals making the allegations said their concerns were raised while doing behavior detection exercises in which they would mingle with passengers, looking for suspicious behavior.

Some supervisors told officers to pay attention to Black or Hispanic travelers with tattoos, “baggy clothes'' or “gaudy jewelry'' for potential additional screening, a half dozen officers told investigators.

“Most people who the supervisors flagged fit this description,’ the officers told investigators.

 Florida migrant child detention camp emptying out

Federal officials say a Florida detention camp that has housed thousands of migrant children is emptying out.

Health and Human Services Department spokeswoman Evelyn Stauffer said in an email Saturday that all children are either with family members or at smaller state-licensed facilities. The camp has housed about 14,300 undocumented children since March 2018. 

The Homestead facility, which will remain capable of housing migrant children, has been a frequent subject of protests and visits by members of Congress opposed to President Donald Trump's immigration policies.


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