Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't open Pandora's box when she chose to chastise four duly elected members of the U.S. Congress. The box had already been opened when the Electoral College votes were counted and Donald Trump was declared the leader of the free world. No, when Pelosi tried to marginalize the four minority congresswomen, she gave Trump reason to grasp the evil that had tumbled out of the box when he opened it. This evil we will call xenophobia. It encompasses racism, sexism, and any aversion to what is decent.

It wasn't so long ago that the Democrats needed to diversify the party and, for the 2018 election, it did just that. Among the wave of diversity were four women, Representatives Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. They have been labeled liberals and progressives by even Democrats, suggesting that their beliefs and ideologies do not directly align with the party. For what do the congresswomen stand? They want to improve education and health care for Americans. They want better treatment of migrant children at the border and they want to solve the affordable housing crisis that is stifling residents in their districts. And they want to impeach the president. Now.

For that, Trump attacked the women on twitter in a tirade that started over the weekend and continued into Monday afternoon. He then sent his minions out to say he was not being racist he was just telling un-American people to go home. By criticizing failing policies and having an opinion or assessment of a situation that differs from his, makes them un-American? Since when different ideologies can't co-exist. It is what we call a democracy.

Pelosi temporarily forgot this, too. That members of The Squad, as the four congresswomen are affectionately called, have a differing opinion on immigration and Israel, do not make them un-American. It says they are engaged and thinking.

Pelosi and Joe Biden want to stay in the center of politics. They acknowledge the women are smart and vibrant but fear that their progressive voices will scare away independents and send moderate Democrats into the welcoming arms of the now-racist Republican Party. Yes, the entire party is racist because it tolerates racism.

Trump pounced on the congresswomen because the party did not appear unified. Pelosi left her charges' flanks open. If it was a small crack in the party amour, Trump made it into a fissure. By trying to silence congresswomen, Pelosi gave Trump a bullhorn.

Even though Trump is despicable, indecent and racist, the Republican Party largely stays quiet and very seldom challenge him – if at all. If anyone needs a party to marginalize them, it's Trump. His agenda is to divide America into the haves and the have nots. Once the division is clear he will invite the non-white have nots to go home. We have seen Trump's thoughts of minority immigrant manifest itself before. He told us Mexicans were rapists and Haitians came from a shit-hole country.

Ms. Pelosi, perhaps it's time to taking an accounting of all of Trump's alleged crimes and chastise him. At the same time, accept that Democrats don't have to agree but they have to be united.

If not, Trump will exploit that weakness to a second term.

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