Street talk
Vivian Howard

Vivian Howard, 37


I don’t agree with it. A woman should be able to help out her man and build him up to be a provider. She should not want to see him work alone while he’s struggling to make ends meet. Black men cannot do it on their own. 



Lorenzo Nelson

Lorenzo Nelson, 52


Take a look at Barack and Michelle Obama. Barack would not be who he is without Michelle and Michelle is a representation of him.




Ronald Baker

Ronald Baker, 54


 I wouldn’t mind my woman pocketing her money. The way how I was raised by my pop, a man is suppose to be a provider. Dinner would not be eaten unless the man comes home because that’s who is out doing all of the work. It’s in the Bible that a man is suppose to be a provider.





Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin, 50


I’m a provider and my wife stays at home, so I’m all for it. In this era, though, it teaches women to be dependable amongst themselves. The Bible teaches us not to depend on anyone. Most women feel like they’re self-sufficient. However, when you’re married, you become one. 



Kenneth Nathaniel

Kenneth Nathaniel, 55

Miami Gardens

I agree that is a Black man’s job to take care of his house. Now, if his woman decides to work, then he should let his woman pocket her money just for emergencies because you never know what could happen between them, especially if they have kids. 

She would want something to fall back on. 



Mr. Lee, 67

Miami Gardens

I believed in it back in the day, but in this era, I don’t believe in it anymore. Everything should be 50/50 in a relationship. If you look at today, you'll see why it’s not the same as back then.



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