Dear Editor,

As a longtime resident and activist in Overtown, I am ecstatic about the winning bidder for the new bridge project that will come through Overtown. The winning bidder is Archer Western-DeMoya, and they have come up with a design that will bring a new look to Overtown – a design that finally frees Overtown from the terrible injustice that was caused when the existing roadway was constructed in the late 1960s.

For far too long, I-395 has been in our way, leaving Overtown isolated from downtown Miami by concrete berms and a low-rise 15-foot bridge. Miami Architect Ron Frazier, who collaborated with Archer-Western, came up with a brilliant design that gets rid of the existing berms and takes the bridge up to over 60 feet, opening up the space underneath the bridge to serve as an active Heritage Trail that celebrates the history of Overtown and creates a space where the community can gather. The space will be open, well lit and safe for the community at night.

Thank you to the winning team for coming up with a design that we can live with and be proud of. Archer Western-DeMoya took the time to get input from our community before coming up with their design for the project and the results show, and that is good news for Overtown.

Irby McKnight


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