Dear Editor,

We celebrate Veteran's Day in honor of military veterans like my father who served our country with honor and distinction. My father was my hero who taught me to speak truth to power about injustice and wrongdoing.

It's time to speak truth to power about crime in Miami Gardens.

Crime in Miami Miami Gardens is the highest in Miami Dade County and threatens our sense of wellbeing.

The recent spate of shootings simply re-confirms the anxiety of residents and their families about public safety in the city.

"Miami Gardens has failed its residents" says former state Sen. Daphne Campbell. "The residents were promised crime prevention technology and equipment in 2013 with the $60 million bond that residents are still paying. Yet, crime is out of control. Now, the City is asking residents to vote on Nov. 27 for special lighting districts so the City can raise their taxes to pay for something that the bond should have addressed. Where is the accountability? Where is the voter's trust."

Two more burning questions for Miami Gardens residents:

1. What happened to the portion of the $60 Million Bond that was designated for crime and public safety equipment and technology to reduce crime (i.e. crime center that is not functional or promised citywide security cameras )

2. Why should voters approve another money grab on Nov. 27 to vote for the City of Miami Gardens to take over special lighting districts, which will increase our property taxes?

Even if you are not a resident of Miami Gardens, you should be concerned about crime in Miami Gardens. Miami Gardens is home to Dolphins Stadium - one of the world's most pre-eminent sports venues, which hosts Super Bowls and now Formula One racing is coming.

—Andre Williams, president

Miami Gardens

Chamber of Commerce

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