In the novel “A Time to Kill” by John Grisham, a Black man shoots the white men who raped his 10-year-old daughter. His fate is to be decided by an all-white Southern jury, and his lawyer asks the jurors to imagine if the father and daughter were white and judge the case accordingly.

Let’s imagine that it was young Black and Latino men and women who invaded the Capitol – what would the response have been? I strongly suspect that the Capitol Police would have unleashed their firearms and hundreds of Black and brown people would be dead with thousands more arrested. The right-wing media would be screaming for laws to stop the anarchy.

Watching the assault on the Capitol, I saw the police taking selfies with the mob, and moving out of its way to let the protesters enter the building. I still do not understand why they did not unleash their firepower to stop the trespassers from entering a federal building. The glaring leniency shown to white anarchists, white nationalists, white supremacists and QAnon followers who broke into and ransacked a federal building is outrageous.

As I write this, only 40 arrests have been made. Yet more than five times that amount of people were arrested at a peaceful Black Lives Matter march. On that day, protesters were tear-gassed, beaten, shot with rubber bullets and taken into custody, all so President Trump could take a photo-op holding a Bible upside down outside a church. What is nice is that after Wednesday’s outrageous attack, even the mainstream media is noting the glaring disparity between the treatment of violent white nationalists and peaceful Black protesters.

Trump, the greatest liar in the history of this nation, incited this attack on the Capitol. It was his words that led to it. It was his continuous lies regarding election fraud that stirred up his supporters to come to Washington and “storm the Capitol.” He urged the mob to go to the Capitol and said he would go with them. Then he crawled back into the White House and watched the chaos unfold on a big-screen TV.

I don’t know if it was the storming of the Capitol or the fact that it is now inevitable that the Democrats will be in control of Washington, with a Democratic president, majority Democrat Congress and a 50-50 Senate that will see Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaker, but suddenly some staunch Trump supporters are finally beginning to see reason. Sen. Lindsey Graham chastised his buddy Trump for inciting the attack, to name one. Or perhaps, like rats in a sinking ship, some Republicans are beginning to flee from a president who will no longer have power in a few days.

What is amazing is that there are still some idiots who are following Trump, even after the carnage and death the Capitol siege wrought. More than 100 Republican congresspersons and five senators carried on the charade of objecting to the electoral college votes ratifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Under the Constitution, the Congress and Senate have a duty to count electoral college votes. They cannot overturn a state’s legitimate counting of the vote and determination of electors. What is even more amazing is that even after the storming of the Capitol, people like Ted Cruz continue to spew the lies that led to its assault.

For those anarchists who stormed and vandalized the heart of our democracy, please realize that Trump will not be able to illicitly control the Department of Justice or the FBI. So my dear anarchists and white supremacists who posted pictures on social media of “your glorious moment” of taking over the Capitol, the FBI is looking for you. I promise your trespass, acts of vandalism, assaults and batteries will lead to your arrest, so thank you for being so stupid and providing the authorities with crystal clear evidence of your violations of the law.

What I want to know is, why – if these crazies had been planning to storm the Capitol and told people on social media of their plans, and our President was encouraging them – why was the National Guard not called out to protect the Capitol? The very same National Guard that came six hours too late to the party was out in force when a Black Lives Matter protest was coming to town.

If you had looked at the pictures posted by the crazy white supremacists, you would have known they had planned this attack. They were wearing helmets, some had tear gas masks, some had shields, some had guns, knives and even pipe bombs. Various groups had been posting of the proposed attack for a month. They came with their MAGA hats, treason flags, Trump paraphernalia, Confederate flags and horn helmet. They were organized and stormed the Capitol building at multiple points. Some came with ropes and grappling hooks.

It appears that the lack of preparedness for the storming of the Capitol was in fact planned by the Trump administration. The governor of Maryland was asked to send the National Guard, something he could not do without authorization from the secretary of defense. It took 90 minutes for the authorization to be given, while the leaders of Congress and the Senate cowered under chairs.

I love all of the Trumpers who are now resigning. It is clearly far too little, much too late. The Trump administrators aided and abetted a madman, and now when the whole world is shocked at the result of their craven enabling and apathy, now, finally, now, they are resigning. What is the point? He only has a few days left in office.

No one on Trump’s Cabinet has the guts to invoke the 25th Amendment. Impeachment will take too long. I suggest that we simply Baker Act him and put him in one of those nice white coats that tie your arms to your body. Trump has clearly lost his mind. Facebook has finally closed his account. Twitter took down three of his tweets and locked him out of his account for 12 hours. If he is not fit to have a social media account, why should he be trusted with the nuclear codes? How much more damage can this madman cause to these United States of America? He has turned our proud 244-year-old democracy into a Third World Banana Republic. Russia, Iran and China are ridiculing our once proud nation.

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