Dear Editor:


What is the plan for the African-American Diaspora in Miami-Dade County for the next 10 years? This question I purposely raise is concerning Miami's leadership. Truthfully, it is frightening that no one has clearly said they have a 10-year plan for this important populace. On whom do we place the burden of having a well thought out, comprehensive plan for the Black communities countywide? 

Is it our current leadership in elected offices or not? The sobering reality is that all of our supposedly brotherly and sisterly communities have their own plans for the near and distant future. Furthermore, the shocking reality is that we are not in their plans. Is it fair for us to expect others outside of the African-American communities to have a plan for us? No. So, who should we, as a community, hold accountable for having a solid 10- to 20-year plan? Our leaders and elected officials? 

I am not placing the blame entirely on those in elected offices. The community has some responsibility to bring this issue to our leaders and elected officials regarding a comprehensive plan for our communities’ future. One of the most important things we have to keep in mind is that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Lastly, one question we must ask all candidates running for elected offices is, “What is your 10-year plan for our communities?”



Norman Whyte 

Miami-Dade Black Caucus


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