A pastor friend posted a prayer request for Trump. I respect him as a pastor for turning the other cheek and praying for someone as despicable as Donald Trump. But although I am a Christian man, I find it very hard to pray for our nation’s leader.

In my humble opinion, Trump has caused the death of 215,000 Americans and the number is rising. He scoffed at mask wearing. He attacked Dr. Fauci. He disseminated misinformation about the coronavirus. He discourages his staff from using masks and encouraged his followers to attend mass indoor rallies without them. So it is no surprise that our idiot-in-chief got COVID-19, and that many of his fellow idiot followers have it too.

In fact, in a very non-Christian way, I wish Trump had gotten a good dose of the virus, so that he might in some way be able to empathize with the thousands of souls who have passed on, and the 7 million more Americans who have survived the virus. But in true Trump fashion, he is still making light of it, even after contracting it himself. He said it was a blessing from God and that he feels better than ever, and then took his unmasked self into the White House Oval Office to infect even more poor staffers and White House workers.

Trump is a soulless man who only thinks of himself. He lied about taking a COVID-19 test before the presidential debate and he and his family were unmasked in attendance. His super spreader event at the Rose Garden on Sept. 26 has resulted in two generals, three senators, the chair of the Republican Party, the chair of his reelection campaign and several key staffers now testing positive for the virus. I don’t really feel sorry for Trumpers who are idiots and follow their feckless leader’s poor example. I do feel sympathetic to White House workers, maids, chefs, gardeners and Secret Service agents, who are just trying to earn a living and now work in the most dangerous White House in the history of this country. I am also concerned about their family members being exposed to the virus, and health care workers who have been working around the clock taking care of victims of this terrible disease.

In Italy at the height of the virus, doctors had to make tough decisions on who would get a bed and who would get a ventilator. Our hospitals are at capacity in many states. At the current rate of increase in cases, we will run out of ICU beds, ventilators and PPE soon. U.S. doctors may have to make tough decisions as to who lives and who dies. Trumpers who do not want to wear masks – and in that refusal risk their own lives and the lives of everyone who comes in contact with them – should be put on the long list for ventilators, and people who do everything in their power to avoid the virus by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and isolating should go on short list.

Trump, who paid $750 in taxes but cost taxpayers more than $100,000 for his brief stay in the presidential suite at Walter Reed Hospital, should be put on the long, long, very long waitlist for further care.

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