In my Sept. 11, “Word on the Street” column entitled “Who in the hell left the gate open?” I wrote that, “For some apparent reason, when African-Americans ascend to a position of power, it seems as if they are afraid to help their own people. They sometimes show a willingness in part to help destroy us. Those n*****s are a part of the problem, not the solution. They are the ones who left the gate open.” And that’s exactly what Florida State Rep. “phony” Kionne McGhee has set out to do.

You see phony Kionne has the mentality of a regressive prosecutor, not a problem solver. Here’s an excerpt of his Facebook post that he wrote on Sept. 26 in response to a rash of recent shootings in South Dade:

“Community Shootings Updates: Now that the Feds and Miami Dade are handling their business on the streets, let’s talk about me leading Phase two.” He goes on to propose five legislative actions that he plans to sponsor to address gun violence in South Miami-Dade. Although all of his proposed actions are somewhat disturbing, it’s his last two proposed legislative actions that shamelessly expose just how much of a fraud phony Kionne has been, from day one.

One of his proposed actions is to restore mandatory direct filing of juveniles as adults for certain offenses. The Republican-led Florida Legislature just repealed mandatory direct filing of juveniles in the last Florida session. Why would phony Kionne, who is the minority leader of the Florida House of Representatives, look to rollback that clear victory for minority communities across the state? Empirical data now verifies that charging juveniles as adults, without the right to an evidentiary hearing, does not solve crime. Neither does it get drugs, guns or gangs off the streets - it expands them and makes our communities more vulnerable. Yet, in speech after speech, you can hear phony Kionne blabbering away about his own run-ins with the law when he was a minor; about how he was given a second chance by the system, and about how he took that second chance and punched his ticket to law school, then to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and to the Florida House.

But just like a petty street hustler, he now wants to shut that door of opportunity for other young offenders. Children who, if given a chance, would punch their ticket to the American dream just like he did. Only a phony Kionne wouldn’t want that. Another of his proposals is calling for the swift revocation of section 8 vouchers, and eviction from public housing,

“for the parents or family members related to shooters or those possessing firearm.” Actually, these provisions are already in place in both public and affordable housing community policies throughout the country, and it is Federal law for public housing communities. But phony Kionne’s choice of words, “the parents or family members related to shooters” is what should concern you. McGhee’s aim is apparently targeting the 11-year old suspect in a recent murder in South Dade.

And since the law already allows for eviction of the child’s family, what would his proposed legislation really accomplish? What if a “shooter” has family members in more than one unit in a community? Do they all have to go “swiftly” under phony Kionne’s proposal? In response to an 11-year old’s involvement in a shooting of any sort, the real question is who is responsible for that child’s mental instability; who taught him to use a weapon? If it’s the family members, then so be it. But what if it’s not? What if the influences came from the neighbors’ unit, but phony Kionne’s law only allows for eviction of the shooter’s “parents or family members?”

And then there’s phony Kionne’s Jim Crow-worthy proposed 10/20/Life upgrade that would send a juvenile with prior convictions to prison for a minimum three years for possession of a bullet – among other things. And don’t forget about his proposal to ban plea offers for those involved in shootings “in South Dade.” It’s a good thing that domestic violence survivors like Marissa Alexander don’t live in McGhee’s deep south. Alexander received a minimum-mandatory 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot after her husband attacked her and threatened to kill her. She was recently released under a plea bargain, but only after a miracle of media exposure to her case. But if she lived in phony Kionne’s deep south, no such offer would be permissible under the law. But who cares about petty nuances like these when phony Kionne’s campaign war chest for County Commissioner is so impressive?

Apparently, this dude is not up for the job because, again, he's a prosecutor, not a problem solver. No one agrees with the shooting or killing of children by children because there's nothing like the feeling of watching the lid being closed on the casket of your child and their casket being lowered into the ground (I'm talking from experience). What phony Kionne is proposing, though, will set the Black community back 25 years. The laws that McGhee is proposing on Facebook are the very laws that put the Black community, and the Democratic Party as a whole, in bad shape for decades. And it’s this dangerous thinking that seems to be infecting our so-called “activists” and elected officials lately.

The 11-year old suspect in South Dade who may have committed murder with a firearm may be no different than a young and impressionable John Lee Malvo who was a minor when he and John Allen Mohammad (now executed) committed a spree of murders known as the “Beltway sniper attacks” in the D.C. area in 2002. A psychiatric witness for young Malvo testified that the adult Mohammad had sexually abused him and had convinced him that the murders were tied to a religious awakening of some sort.

The point is, instead of trying to impose community-wide penalties to counter this alarming crime, all hands should be looking to see if more children may have been exposed to a similar cult-like environment. For a man who touts himself to be for the people and a leader of the people’s party, I can’t understand how he could promote regressive ideas like the ones he boasted about on Facebook. It hasn’t even been a year since Amendment 4 was adopted and phony Kionne is already apologizing to Jim Crow himself.

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