The Dating Chronicles with Ann Marie Sorrell

I am a serial dater. 

My definition: a single person in search of “the one” but has no problem moving on to the next one if things don’t quite work out. 

But I hate dating. It seems like a necessary evil that is fun and intriguing while time consuming and exhausting.  I have dated guys who are nice, educated, professional, wealthy, poor, intelligent, indecisive, insecure, unavailable, busy, preoccupied, divorced, separated, an emotional wreck, fine as hell, a few extra pounds, short, tall, rugged, metro and more.  I have met them all.  Yet, I am not with any of them today.  

Have I been an angel through this journey?  Admittedly, I have not. I am smart, sexy, beautiful, loving, kind, supportive, humorous, but at times self-centered, rude, selfish, naive, heartless, and an emotional roller coaster.   Through it all, I can give an honest look at myself and am able to acknowledge my truths and shortcomings, but can you do the same?

Welcome to my column, “The Dating Chronicles.” To tell you a little about myself, I am a philanthropist, full-figured model, award-winning business leader, woman of faith, and emboldened enthusiast of the opposite sex. I live out loud and am unapologetic about my support of the many causes that are important to me, which include: social justice, equality for all, issues impacting women and minorities, economic development and health & wellness. I am President & CEO of The Mosaic Group, a full-service public relations, marketing and government relations firm based in South Florida. I earned a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from Florida A&M University. I currently serve on several community boards and have won numerous awards for my leadership, business acumen, and community involvement.

With these accomplishments and accolades, I am still single.  As a busy professional, my quest for love is very challenging, but it has not stopped me in my pursuit to meeting and settling down with Mr. Right. My journey through the good, bad, funny – and steamy – of dating and relationships inspired me to document the twists and turns as I believed certainly I could not be the only one experiencing these types of situations. The writings lead to my debut book, “Chronicles of a Serial Dater,” a memoir told through short stories that all end with a tip for the ladies and a tip for the fellas on the lesson(s) learned from each situation.  

I know, dating is complicated! It is at times wonderful and brings us much joy and happiness.  Other times, it is frustrating, painful, disappointing and empty.  We want to give up because true love seems so farfetched.  

Today, most do not want to work for a relationship, have a desire for courtship, or want to take time to get to know someone. It is all about instant gratification. I am guilty of it. There were times where a quick fling was just enough based on the phase of my life, however, what I always desired was romance, love, and my forever man. He has not arrived (or he has not arrived again).  So, the saga continues.

This column is for women and men who are single (not just in your head, but really single), never married, recently divorced, and/or widowed who can relate to anything I have stated here and is looking for advice or a great laugh.  Join me and “The Dating Chronicles” by sharing your questions, frustrations, dating woes and success stories.  In return, I will share my opinions and experiences with you --- keeping it all raw and real.  Email your questions to You can also follow Chronicles of a Serial Dater on Facebook and Instagram and post/DM your questions. All names will be kept anonymous to protect the innocent.

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