President Donald Trump arriving to speak at a news conference in the White House briefing room on Nov. 20.

Trump did not receive enough spankings as a child. He is a rich, spoiled brat. He has always gotten his way and will do anything to get what he wants. Not good traits in any person, and certainly not good traits in a president. Trump cheated his way into college, cheated in his business dealings and cheated on his various wives – and now he’s trying to cheat and steal an election that he has clearly lost. He has lost every legal battle. Biden has 306 electoral college votes waiting to be certified. The Georgia recount shows Biden won. Trump continues to try and peel off electoral college voters so he can somehow steal the election through a back door move.

In the meantime, the Republicans, except for a few, watch the president and do nothing. It has been explained that they simply want to keep power. Again, power for power’s sake is not a good personality trait. Our moral fiber, our very existence as one of the oldest democracies in the world, is in the balance, and Republicans still cannot admit publicly that Biden has won.

What is amazing is that a bureaucrat in the General Services Administration blocked the incoming president from transitioning to power for more than two weeks! Finally, late Monday, Emily Murphy, administrator for the GSA, cleared the way for Biden to coordinate with federal agencies ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration. She cited “recent developments involving legal challenges and certifications of election results” for her decision, after Trump’s efforts to subvert the vote failed across multiple battleground states.

In my lifetime, I never imagined that I would see a Black president or a Black South Asian vice president. But what is currently going on in our democracy is not only unimaginable, it is horrifying. If Putin wanted to destabilize the United States of America, he could not have come up with a better supervillain than Trump. Unfortunately, 007 is dead and there does not seem to be anyone capable of saving the free world from the machinations of our brat-in-chief.

Will he have to be physically removed from the White House? What is this man going to try and do to this country after he is no longer president? Will Biden ever be able to restore decency, honesty, and morality to a country where Trump will be on the sidelines?

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