When the Miami Herald writes on a subject that concerns this community or on members of our community, the subject never responds to the Miami Herald. I wonder why? But the moment that the Miami Times or this columnist writes something about them, they start having temper tantrums like a 2-year-old child. Go figure?

Over the last several years, I've written articles that were not only thoughtful but insightful and impactful, to the chagrin of those who were the subject of those articles. But who could deny that there have been several questionable moves that have taken place in the community over the last few years that have exposed those people in the community? Disheartening decisions made by trusted stewards that our people look up to as leaders in our community, but who were really frauds masquerading as leaders.

I recently sat down with some elders who are pillars of the community and asked them, "Should I change my writing style?" Before I could actually finish the entire sentence the backlash that I got from them for having the nerve to ask them such a question gave me the confidence that I needed to keep writing. Not only did I come away with renewed confidence, I also gained a mandate to keep exposing things that not only hurt our community as a whole, but those things that may devastate some of the most vulnerable members of our community in the near future.

It is downright shameful how members of our community, use our community, to make money off our community while the rest of the community suffers. Their “leadership” has been without the courage, compassion, talent and vision necessary to lead Black Miami into a bold new era of respectability and relevance. A culture of narcissism that’s void of the kind of leadership that inspires a millennial generation of young African-Americans who are busting through the seams with brilliance and ambition; a generation exploding with talent, but finding nothing at the door of opportunity, but a sign that simple reads “Sold-Out!”

Sadly, some of our leaders’ inability to lead others has only led to selfish greed that can only produce one outcome: self-enrichment. What's saddest about this is that it's the very same people who are close to them who are exposing them, not this columnist nor The Miami Times. We just fact-check it and write it.

For example there's a certain preacher who several preachers have told me to stay away from because he gives all of us a bad name. And one of the saddest things about this is he thinks that other preachers, an activist and a few politicians are trying to scandalize his name. Talk about being paranoid. What this preacher is failing to realize is that's it's his own actions that has everyone talking about him – and not in a good light. Some of us preachers really need to get together with him and have a come-to-Jesus meeting.

And I said to this brother, "police and preachers are the only ones who get painted with a broad brush; when one of them does something it makes everyone look bad so please stop."

For those of you whose name will be appearing in “Word on the Street” in the near future, just know that no one can get me to write anything against you for them nor would I write anything for you against them. There are people in this community who mean well but make bad decisions for the community.

Those are people who we can sit down with and show them the error of their ways. But then there are others who are just hell-bent on self-enrichment with an apathetic disposition concerning the uplifting of their own people. These people's "black-card" must be revoked and their deeds exposed. No one can tell them anything. That’s why my elders mandated me to write against the present dangers that we face. And yes, there will be a part 2 to last week's column, “Thinking that led to bill is dangerous,” next week.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Miami Times.

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