Word on the Street

If you had a very costly and valuable piece of jewelry, would you wear it to the gym or just leave it on the kitchen sink? No, you would treat it with care. You would put it in a safe place and protect it. This is exactly how I feel when it comes to the Black community – regardless of whether it is as far south as Florida City or up north to Miami Gardens.

If you thought the Word on the Street columns in 2019 left you shaking your head after they shared stories and pictures of those who sold out the Black community as Judas did Jesus to get 13 pieces of silver, can you imagine what you will see in 2020?

The 2020 elections have more people running for office than dogs or horses at a racetrack. What's troubling about this is that I've spoken to a lot of the candidates and have a lot of their literature but not one of them – regardless of their race, creed or color – has spoken of or came up with an agenda for the Black community.

But you can bet your bottom dollar people who are running for public office and their teams will create the Black agenda. But that's when I am going to break my foot off in them from this column and from my Word on the Street by Brian Dennis’ Facebook page. I encourage all who read this column, if you have a Facebook account, to subscribe to the page, because, every Friday at noon, I'm going to be going live to give you, the reader, the expanded edition of the column. Call it the real deal of what's going on in the Black community. I’ll expose who is screwing us over and laud who's trying to help.

I have been doing my research on a lot of the candidates to find out who has the best interest of the community and why we should vote for these particular candidates. I want you to be well informed and not waste your vote on candidates because they have paid political operatives who, every time election season comes around, always seem to tell our community for whom we should vote. When their candidates get into elected office they then turn around and become an enemy to the Black community by putting forth dangerous legislation that does more harm than good.

No longer will we stand by and allow this to happen again and again, time after time. No longer will we vote just because we recognize the names of these elected officials. We’re going to examine their tenure in office and determine whether they have been beneficial for the community as a whole or has the office that we elected them to been beneficial for them. 

I have a duty and an obligation to the memory and legacy of the late and honorable Ms. Rachel Reeves to do due diligence with this column and hold elected officials accountable. If they have not, then it's time to get the brooms out and sweep them right out of public office and get somebody in there who will do the job. If they don't do the job we're not going to even allow them to sit their entire four years in office; we're going to recall them and remove them for public office. Enough is enough with the game playing as we have been doing for the last 40+ years when it comes to the lives of the Black community.

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